Perks Aren’t Enough..or are they?


The WSJ has a quick read which sheds light on to why perks are simply not enough. At this point, we all consider it a given that we are going to receive some kind of perk – but it’s not what make the difference anymore. The key: a sense of belonging. That’s what really sways us when choosing and staying at a workplace.

On the other hand, the guys over at Clutch make the case that employee perks do matter, and they make a difference. They state some interesting findings which seem to indicate that perks are highly valued by employees.

More than half (53%) of those who do have employee perks say that those perks give them a better quality of life, meaning that employees value their perks. – study

However, the perks they list are not the Silicon Valley stereotypes: swag, naps, ping pong tables, laundry and other freebies. The perks that appear to be valued centre around flexible working hours, remote working, wellness programs, professional development. It makes sense, since all these perks show you that an employer cares about how to make you most comfortable in order to produce your best work.

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