Examples of Company Culture Statements

Examples of Company Culture Statements

Do you want to get a message across to your employees?

Because of how the pandemic affected all of us, morale is at an all-time low. This prompts most business owners to do what they can to reduce the effects of the pandemic on their company. Otherwise, productivity goes down and will affect the quality of their service.

This is where company culture statements come in. They help promote the culture of the workplace, which is the backbone of employee happiness and productivity. Without one, your employees may struggle in finding guidance or meaning in what they’re doing.

How do you go about crafting good company statements, though? Read what we have below to see great examples of statements that can promote company culture. We’ll also tell you how you can incorporate them into your own company culture today!

Bento For Business

Bento for Business is a team that uses software to help businesses with expense management. They use smart employee debit cards to have a better grasp on how they can help control the expenses of any willing employee.

Because of their service, their customers are among the happiest clients that a company can wish for. They also boast having employees that are comfortable, happy with their work environment, and can get the job done.

How does Bento for Business do this? It’s all down to their company culture, giving a lot of importance to the phrase “Be Human”. 

They treat everyone inside and outside the company as human. This means that no one feels like they’re inferior to one another. Regardless of their standing in the company, they feel like they have value and worth to everyone else around them.

This even applies to Bento’s partners and customers. This is what makes the company good at networking


FloQast is a cloud-based provider that helps improve their customer’s accounting department. They streamline their processes and help increase the efficiency of their workflow.

What’s impressive about FloQast is that it’s grown tenfold in only five years since it started. How can a company like this expand so fast? This is all because of their company culture of transparency. 

This ties in well with their core value of honesty and openness. They’re honest with their clients, and they’re open with their employees. This creates a culture that allows communication to be as clear as possible.

This is what leads them to success. Open communication lines between everyone ensure that the company will never encounter intrapersonal issues.


Hireology’s culture is all about empathy and communication between leaders and employees. This helps them have a work environment where no one feels any pressure whatsoever.

As the company states in their mission, they nurture talents from diverse backgrounds.  They also apply these to their clients, and as well on their employees when training them.

Doing this ensures that each employee gets integrated into their system seamlessly. This helps employees overcome any challenge they may face along the line. It’s their recipe for great efficiency in the workspace.

What’s great is that they even implement empathy exercises in their routines. This helps enforce the no-pressure workspace they have in their organization.


Paxos’ core values revolve around a common goal, pushing everyone to excellence. They do this through real-time candor, ensuring that communication is honest and direct. However, these aren’t enough to make their teams feel appreciated and involved.

How does the company promote a healthy and happy work environment, then? It does so through inclusion and celebration. The company encourages the employees to mingle with each other.

It does so through the introduction of unique and fun contests among workers. Among the notable competitions is the Guacamole-off. It’s a creative way to bring people together and get to know one another.

Paxos also celebrates everything with its employees. They recognize everything from small achievements to birthdays, to major milestones. This makes employees feel included and special.

How to Create a Company Culture Statement

Now that you know what makes a good company culture, how can you implement it in your own business? We’ll have to take notes from the examples of company culture above to create one for yourself.

First, we’ll take a page from the books for Bento for Business and Hireology. By this, we mean that focusing on employee care should be your top priority. Creating a culture revolving around that ensures that your workers will remain happy.

This is crucial for building a solid workspace for all your employees. It’s sure to make them more productive within the company. Putting some emphasis on communication, as FloQast does, is also a good idea.

This is even more important now since most businesses employ remote working methods. Emphasis on clear communication prevents projects from getting delayed through miscommunication.

You should also do what Paxos does and recognize your company’s core values. Creating a new company culture doesn’t mean you should abandon your previous goals. You can use your core values to build upon your culture, instead.

If you aim to provide high-quality output, focus on striving for excellence. If you want to create a close-knit company, focus on camaraderie. If you want to train employees to be better, then leadership and mentoring are your go-to values.

With these in mind, you should be able to produce an effective company culture statement. You’ll have one that provides employees with what they need to be happy so that your clients will be happy, as well.

Create Amazing Company Culture Statements Today

Strengthen your company culture and bring your employee’s morale to an all-time high with the right statement. These examples of company culture statements should give you an idea of how effective they can be. Create one and increase work efficiency today!

Do you want to learn more about different cultures for different business models? Each business has a unique method of execution and management, and you’ll need to learn how to manage yours well. Contact us here and we’ll get in touch with you soon!  

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