How Startups Can Handle Power and Politics in the Workplace

When it comes to an excellent startup environment, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. A team that listens to each other and prepares for unique moments will be able to stick together when times get tough. And the startup culture you create will define how your company adapts to the current era. As a startup member, you may… Continue reading How Startups Can Handle Power and Politics in the Workplace

Workplace Transparency: it’s taken too long

A transparent workplace can improve employee morale, satisfaction and performance. There are seemingly no downsides when done correctly.¬† So why has it taken so long to be embraced?¬† This article from HR Digest¬†explains why transparency was shunned by leadership and reasons why it’s great for workplace culture. We all know Buffer as one of the… Continue reading Workplace Transparency: it’s taken too long

Salary Transparency – Necessary?

The case for salary transparency has been made multiple times, but so has the case for not making individual compensation widely known. The Case For: It can close the pay gap that negatively affects minorities Employees can assume they’re underpaid if management discourages salary transparency Pay differences can be taken out of context if you’re… Continue reading Salary Transparency – Necessary?

Transparency Traps

Is there such a thing as too much transparency? Some people say there is, because it can feel workers feeling exposed, micromanaged and even encourage dishonesty when it’s supposed to be doing the opposite. HBR goes over ways you can prevent transparency from backfiring, especially when there’s a risk of your transparency efforts creating a… Continue reading Transparency Traps

An haec ab eo non dicuntur

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Qui autem esse poteris, nisi te amor ipse ceperit? Quis enim redargueret? An haec ab eo non dicuntur? Graecis hoc modicum est: Leonidas, Epaminondas, tres aliqui aut quattuor; Quae enim adhuc protulisti, popularia sunt, ego autem a te elegantiora desidero. Propter nos enim illam, non propter eam… Continue reading An haec ab eo non dicuntur