Turnover in a Startup: the Revolut Case

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Turnover in tech is notoriously high at around 13%. It’s even worse in startups, where normal turnover can mean double that rate and high turnover exceeds even that staggering figure. Those are the kinds of numbers that can leave a founder in a cold sweat at night. While not everyone sees turnover as inherently bad,… Continue reading Turnover in a Startup: the Revolut Case

The Stress of Entrepreneurship

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If you jump on Twitter or LinkedIn, it seems like entrepreneurs don’t sleep at all. Hang around for a while on those networks and you’re likely to see a ton of #hustle content, from entrepreneurs who are “crushing it” and #TiredOfWinning. This can be inspiring for some, and make others feel inadequate. Either way, there’s… Continue reading The Stress of Entrepreneurship

WTF is Work-Life Balance?

Here we have 3 good articles to understand why we all seem to be struggling with work-life balance, and start working improving it: Dottie Chong rounds up the ways in which we can avoid vacation-shaming at startups. Late Night Froyo gives us 3 steps to taking control of our life that seem simple but are… Continue reading WTF is Work-Life Balance?

Remote Working Issues

Remote Working is stressful, even though the pros of this way of working can outweigh the cons, and regardless of whether this setup makes much more sense for us than to go to our company’s offices every day. We’ve got a roundup of great posts that highlight the difficulties of remote work and remind you… Continue reading Remote Working Issues

Are you at Risk of Burnout?

Did you know that 23% of employees feel burned out more often than not? Plus, an additional 44% feel burned out sometimes. This means that at least two-thirds of a workforce experience work fatigue. Burnout is very real and can leave you feeling both empty and exhausted. It can take a heavy toll on your… Continue reading Are you at Risk of Burnout?