Turnover: the Revolut Case

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels

Revolut is the fintech darling known for its impressive growth, but also notorious for being a terrible employer, and a perfect example a company perpetuating toxic startup culture. Why is there such high turnover at Revolut? Elena was asked to pick between two documents: one said she was being terminated for underperformance, the other, a… Continue reading Turnover: the Revolut Case

The Stress of Entrepeneurship

Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels

If you jump on Twitter or LinkedIn, it seems like entrepreneurs don’t sleep at all. Hang around for a while on those networks and you’re likely to see a ton of #hustle content, from entrepreneurs who are “crushing it” and #TiredOfWinning. This can be inspiring for some, and make others feel inadequate. Either way, there’s… Continue reading The Stress of Entrepeneurship

WTF is Work-Life Balance?

Here we have 3 good articles to understand why we all seem to be struggling with work-life balance, and start working improving it: Dottie Chong rounds up the ways in which we can avoid vacation-shaming at startups. Late Night Froyo gives us 3 steps to taking control of our life that seem simple but are… Continue reading WTF is Work-Life Balance?

Remote Working Issues

Remote Working is stressful, even though the pros of this way of working can outweigh the cons, and regardless of whether this setup makes much more sense for us than to go to our company’s offices every day. We’ve got a roundup of great posts that highlight the difficulties of remote work and remind you… Continue reading Remote Working Issues