Incivility in the Workplace

There is a great interview with Dr. Jody Foster on the knowledge@wharton podcast regarding workplace incivility.

There is some focus on healthcare/Penn Medicine but the lessons can be applied to any industry. It also highlights the difficulties of changing a culture vs creating and nurturing one from scratch.

The main takeaways:

  • If you’re clear about what your culture and value system is, you’re going to better convey the rules of engagement to an interviewee, and help someone self select into a workplace they will mesh with.
  • If we find ourselves in a culture where the way that we navigate the world doesn’t work, we are going to have conflicts.
  • The person who is being perceived as a disruptor, in so many of the cases, is not even aware that he or she is a disruptor. 
  • Nip things in the bud, be direct and intervene early and the message is going to come across better. And it’s going to be received better.

“If this is what the behavior that we don’t support looks like, what does behavior that we want to encourage look like?”

Incivility in the Workplace ends with the No As*hole Rule

Even if you have a code of conduct, values, and good morale at the workplace, if there is no buy-in from the highest levels of management to curb incivility (and enforce the No As*hole Rule), then it’s going to be tough.

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