How to make remote working efficient


It’s true that remote working is not for everyone – some of us prefer the office environment, others find it impossible to concentrate while working at home or a co-working space, and some of us know that our company’s culture and communication styles would not thrive in a remote setup.

But, there are some common errors in our remote approach that sometimes lead us to erroneously conclude that going full remote just doesn’t work.

So, how do we make working remotely work?

First step, read the above tweetstorm from Ryan Law of Animalz.

Every single tip he gives is valid, and I’m sure many of us can recognize that at some point we have been caught up doing invisible work, waiting for someone else to advocate for us, and lamented the lack of serendipitous moments with coworkers, without creating them ourselves.

To make working remotely work, we first need to be realistic about the extra effort the remote worker needs to put in in order to thrive with this setup.

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