Working Too Many Hours a Week


Am I Working Too Many Hours a Week?

Have you asked yourself this question? Chronic overwork is bad for your mental wellbeing, can put your health at risk, and be detrimental to your productivity and the quality of your work.

This article by Laura Empson highlights the ways we should be deliberate about our work and avoid dedicating chronically exceptionally long hours to it. You don’t have to always be «ON», in fact, this practice probably does you more harm than good.

Take a look at your coworkers or employees who perform well and above expectations, and yet always seem to have time for the important relationships in their life and to work on their hobbies. These are the people you want to learn from.

Additionally, if you’re constantly shooting out e-mails on Sunday at 6am, answering direct messages at 10pm, you’re training people within the organization on how to treat you, and how to value your time. If you don’t value your own personal time, why should they?

Some of the best comments on the article:

Work so that you have a life – not so that work is your life. – Kristine Conway

Delivering overwhelming value to clients is not a matter of working 70h a week. It is a matter of having space to think and solve problems. – Michele Pfannenstiel

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