Bootstrapping your HR


For many startups, an HR department is a thing of the past, something only large corporations deal with. However, there are times that even if you don’t have an official Human Resources division, you need to do the work traditionally associated with this department.

So when can you do it on your own, and when should you rely on HR experts?

Nora Jenkins Townson of Bright uses her ample HR experience to give you tips on when you should do things yourself, use tools, contract it out, or hire someone to do all of it for you.

Whether your problem is..

  • Recruiting and hiring processes going mind-numbingly slow
  • You’re drowning in paperwork
  • You’re growing fast and no longer have a flat structure
  • You want to approach harassment policies and procedures the right way
  • You have no idea where you stand regarding employee satisfaction

…there’s an answer for you in her post. Happy Reading!

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