Culture of Recognition in the Workplace

What is a culture of recognition? How do you know whether to recognize a behavior? A first step is to think about whether you’d like your employees to replicate that behavior or not.

Perks of Flexible Working

What are the Perks of Flexible Working? Are there any downsides? Sahil Lavingia, the founder of Gumroad gave this outstanding interview where flexible working is a central topic – pretty different to most of the Founder content we get these days. Flexible working – more important than remote work? Apparently it is! Among the main… Continue reading Perks of Flexible Working

Developing an Inclusion and Diversity Strategy in the Workplace

Inclusion and Diversity Strategy in the Workplace

Why should you focus on developing an Inclusion and Diversity Strategy in your workplace? Companies today must demonstrate a culture of diversity and inclusion in order to succeed.  Potential employees and customers consider these qualities to be critical. Many RFPs even require a section on diversity and inclusion, where bidders must demonstrate their commitment to these… Continue reading Developing an Inclusion and Diversity Strategy in the Workplace

How Startups Can Handle Power and Politics in the Workplace

When it comes to an excellent startup environment, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. A team that listens to each other and prepares for unique moments will be able to stick together when times get tough. And the startup culture you create will define how your company adapts to the current era. As a startup member, you may… Continue reading How Startups Can Handle Power and Politics in the Workplace

Turnover: the Revolut Case

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Revolut is the fintech darling known for its impressive growth, but also notorious for being a terrible employer, and a perfect example a company perpetuating toxic startup culture. Why is there such high turnover at Revolut? Elena was asked to pick between two documents: one said she was being terminated for underperformance, the other, a… Continue reading Turnover: the Revolut Case

The Stress of Entrepeneurship

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If you jump on Twitter or LinkedIn, it seems like entrepreneurs don’t sleep at all. Hang around for a while on those networks and you’re likely to see a ton of #hustle content, from entrepreneurs who are “crushing it” and #TiredOfWinning. This can be inspiring for some, and make others feel inadequate. Either way, there’s… Continue reading The Stress of Entrepeneurship

Is WFH here to stay?

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Covid19 has upended the way we work. With non essential workers working from home (WFH), there are mixed opinions on how optimal this setup really is, citing declines in productivity, difficulty in creating culture, and of course the fact that there is expensive office space leased: Others perceive it to be working very well, and… Continue reading Is WFH here to stay?