Turnover: the Revolut Case

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels

Revolut is the fintech darling known for its impressive growth, but also notorious for being a terrible employer, and a perfect example a company perpetuating toxic startup culture.

Elena was asked to pick between two documents: one said she was being terminated for underperformance, the other, a “mutual agreement”, offered her a small severance and stated she was choosing to leave the company of her own accord.

Emiliano Melino, WIRED UK

When it’s clear your employees are just a number to you, and their wellbeing does not compute into your plans at all, you get Revolut.

Get $h!t done may seem like the perfect motto for a quickly growing unicorn, but the human cost that this ruthless approach has is undeniable. Is it worth it to work at a company like this? Is extremely high turnover always a bad sign? or is pain necessary for growth, as CEO Storonsky says?

When looking at Revolut’s job openings, once gets the same sense: a company with unrealistic expectations of its employees, exhibiting absolutely no interest in the person they’re hiring at all, beyond making sure they fit a ridiculous set of requirements.

No wonder they have such high turnover!

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