Scaling your Startup's Culture without Ruining it

Scaling from Team of 5 to 10, to 20+ When you’re first starting out, your entire team is close to the founders and everyone has a role that’s obvious and crucial to success. The organization is ‘flat’. You’ve avoided hiring the wrong talent. Then what happens? You grow, and “Unique Jobs are lost, Conformity is… Continue reading Scaling your Startup's Culture without Ruining it

Bad Manager Behavior

What constitutes bad manager behavior? It looks like over the past 5 years, there has been somewhat consistent interest in this topic (see graph below)! “People quit their managers, not their companies.” That quote rings true to many, and as Jack Altman of Lattice notes: the manager relationship is highly correlated with employee engagement. A… Continue reading Bad Manager Behavior

Incivility in the Workplace

There is a great interview with Dr. Jody Foster on the knowledge@wharton podcast regarding workplace incivility. There is some focus on healthcare/Penn Medicine but the lessons can be applied to any industry. It also highlights the difficulties of changing a culture vs creating and nurturing one from scratch. The main takeaways: If you’re clear about… Continue reading Incivility in the Workplace

Perks of Flexible Working

Sahil Lavingia, the founder of Gumroad gave this outstanding interview where flexible working is a central topic – pretty different to most of the Founder content we get these days. Flexible working – more important than remote work? Apparently it is! Among the main takeaways: Flexible working arrangements are more important than remote work, profit… Continue reading Perks of Flexible Working

Giving Feedback the Right Way

Giving feedback is hard – sometimes we don’t even know how to give positive feedback in the right way, and it becomes even harder with remote team members. In The Feedback Fallacy, Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall tell us how we’ve been doing it wrong. The article is best accompanied by the podcast episode, What… Continue reading Giving Feedback the Right Way

WTF is Work-Life Balance?

Here we have 3 good articles to understand why we all seem to be struggling with work-life balance, and start working improving it: Dottie Chong rounds up the ways in which we can avoid vacation-shaming at startups. Late Night Froyo gives us 3 steps to taking control of our life that seem simple but are… Continue reading WTF is Work-Life Balance?