Transparency Traps

Is there such a thing as too much transparency? Some people say there is, because it can feel workers feeling exposed, micromanaged and even encourage dishonesty when it’s supposed to be doing the opposite. HBR goes over ways you can prevent transparency from backfiring, especially when there’s a risk of your transparency efforts creating a… Continue reading Transparency Traps

Perks can be Dangerous

We all know by now that perks usually aren’t what makes or breaks your culture. However,┬áSimone Stolzoff over at Quartz makes the case for being careful about perk culture. She describes the perks at Facebook, ranging from gyms to a dental office. You never have to leave, you get to be more productive! So why… Continue reading Perks can be Dangerous

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Bootstrapping your HR

For many startups, an HR department is a thing of the past, something only large corporations deal with. However, there are times that even if you don’t have an official Human Resources division, you need to do the work traditionally associated with this department. So when can you do it on your own, and when… Continue reading Bootstrapping your HR

Examples of Good Company Culture

Successful companies have one thing in common: their corporate culture revolves around strong values that engage, inspire, and motivate employees. A good company culture can drive business growth and increase profits. At the same time, it makes it easier to attract and retain top talent. While it’s true that each organization has a personality of its own… Continue reading Examples of Good Company Culture